Happy Friday, everybody. Hope you had a great week. Just wanted to give a quick video update to you today. It is the holiday season. We’re getting ready here to wrap up the year 2020 and I know that a lot of you guys are as well. So I wanted to take a moment and remind everyone that the holidays can be a pretty difficult time for some folks out there, especially if they have a family member or a loved one that is incarcerated or in jail that they can’t be with. We forget, as a society, in our rush to punish people that break the law, we forget a lot of times at the harm and the damage and the pain that that causes their family and people that love them. So if you know anybody in a situation like that, make sure to reach out to them, make sure to do what you can. It’s been a particularly difficult year anyway, and then the holidays can sometimes compound that.

But it’s also important that as we come to the end of 2020, we look back and we give some thanks to the things about this year that have benefited us, or that have made us a better person and made us a stronger person. So there’s a lot of folks out there, there’s a lot of companies out there that are hurting because of this year, and so if you are not in a position like that, or if you’re in a position where you have your health, you have your loved ones, you have a job, you have food on the table, those are all things that in any other year could easily be taken for granted. But I think this year has thrown that into stark contrast just how important those things are and how quickly they can go away.

So take some time. I know that we are to reflect on 2020 as a year, reflect on the good, reflect on the bad. Think about how you can charge into 2021, getting ready to make that year better than this year, because you always want to make next year better than the year before. So as always, from everybody here, from myself, from James, from Ashley to Diana, from Ana, we all want to wish you a very, very happy holiday season, regardless of what holiday that you celebrate. We hope that you have a wonderful end of the year, and we look forward to talking to you all again in 2021. Thank you so much, and we look forward to seeing you next time.