If you’ve been charged with tax evasion basically what that means is the federal government is accusing you of not reporting all your income on your federal tax return. If you believe you haven’t done that, there’s several things that you can do to then fight or prove the government wrong.

One of the things that I would normally do is hire a CPA, a forensic accountant, to go through your tax return to see all of the different things, the deductions that you took, to show that the return that you filed was legitimate and then present that to the government so then you can show them, hey look, we did not evade any type of taxes.

So if you have been charged with that crime or been accused of it, make sure you hire an experienced criminal defense attorney who has a team of experts that can help you through this process to show the government that all of the income that you earned that year was properly reported and accounted for.