If you think you’re about to be charged with a crime the one thing that you should do is make sure that you remain silent. You have an absolute right not to talk about the case with law enforcement and I would encourage you to do that.

Also if you are arrested that’s the next step that could happen, you’d have to make arrangements to post bail and get release from jail but if those things happen first after that make sure you hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to help you through that process.

If you have the luxury of knowing ahead of time that you’re going to be charged, one of the things that an experienced criminal defense attorney can do for you is either arrange your surrender to law enforcement where you don’t have to be arrested in front of your loved ones or neighbors. So there’s a lot of different things that an experience criminal defense lawyer can do for you to make the experience less impactful, but also preserve your rights to make sure that you remain silent, don’t consent to any searches and make sure that you start with crafting the case so you can have the best possible outcome.