This Saturday at 9 a.m., James P. Whalen will be speaking about criminal law during his second monthly appearance on 1190 AM’s Ask the Expert. For questions or comments during the segment, you can call the on-air line at 704-283-1190.

Last time, Whalen was able to offer his insights on a wide variety of topics pertaining to criminal law and white collar crimes. Some of the highlights included:

  • How federal and state court differ from one another.
  • The major changes that have been made to white collar crimes in recent years.
  • Why it’s not wise to ever represent yourself in court, but especially not in federal court.

If you would like to listen to that interview now, you can download the file or use the player in this past blog post.

Why You Should Tune In to Hear James P. Whalen

While none of the information that Mr. Whalen provides on Ask the Expert should ever be considered legal advice, simply listening to him speak about criminal law in Texas is both informative and entertaining. As someone who has been practicing law since 1995,  board certified in Criminal Law since 2002, and has won numerous accolades, including the opportunity to appear on COURT TV as an analyst, James Whalen is incredibly knowledgeable and excels at being able to break complicated legal rules and systems into easy-to-understand processes.

Whether you’re an aspiring criminal attorney yourself, someone who has been accused of a crime, or simply a citizen interested in learning more about how the law works, listening to Mr. Whalen can shed light on confusing areas of Texas criminal law. Tune in this Saturday at 9 a.m. and feel free to call in at 704-283-1190 if you have a question.

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