On Saturday, November 1, at 10 am, you’ll be able to hear James P. Whalen on 1190 AM’s Ask the Expert for the third time in as many months. Mr. Whalen will be sharing his knowledge about state and federal criminal law with the listening audience.

During his previous appearance, Whalen mentioned the six phases of federal criminal prosecution and was able to go into detail on three of them before he was out of time:

  • Investigation. He spoke about the various methods that the government uses to investigate suspects and what you should be wary about.
  • Being charged. Whalen detailed the two ways you can be charge: by complaint or by indictment.
  • Arrest and bail. The differences between federal and state processes were highlighted.

Hear the rest of that interview now by clicking here to download the file.

Legal Radio Worth Tuning In To

Why should you try to catch Mr. Whalen’s radio appearances? Because as someone who’s been practicing criminal law since 1995 and received all kinds of accolades for his work, he knows what he’s talking about. And because he’s appeared as an analyst on COURT TV and knows how to break the law down in ways that make it easy to understand for laymen. Plus, he’s just fun to listen to.

If you’re curious about criminal law in Texas and want to learn more from someone who deals with it on a daily basis, listening to Frisco defense lawyer James Whalen is a great place to start. Just remember that nothing you hear from Mr. Whalen on Ask the Experts can be taken as legal advice, and if you have a specific question about a crime or legal issue that involves you or a loved one, the best thing you can do is to reach out to him directly. You can call 855-892-1932 or fill out our convenient online form in the left column.