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Federal legislation prohibits the intentional manufacture, creation or distribution of controlled substances. If federal investigators have charged you with drug trafficking or conspiracy, contact Whalen Law Office at 214-368-2560 for experienced and knowledgeable defense against charges of a drug crime.

Drug trafficking charges account for the majority of cases before the Federal Courts. In Texas and throughout the nation, there are many drug crime defense attorneys. Yet few have the background and proficiency to successfully defend those accused of large-scale federal drug offenses of trafficking and conspiracy.

Serious drug crimes are investigated and prosecuted by federal agencies such as the FBI and DEA. Changes may involve international or interstate smuggling and trafficking, or involve Schedule I or II substances. A federal conviction for drug possession can carry a minimum five-year prison sentence and up to life imprisonment depending on the number of reoccurrences.

Serious Ramifications of Drug Trafficking

A federal drug conviction puts the person arrested at risk of being denied federal benefits such as school loans, scholarships and professional licenses. Individuals charged with trafficking risk the forfeiture of personal property, including the seizure of property where the drugs are allegedly housed or made. In addition to prison time, a person faces significant fines and restitution – up to millions of dollars – depending on the nature and extent of the criminal charges.

If prior felony drug convictions exist, then drug convictions of five or more kilograms of cocaine, 10 or more grams of LSD, 1,000 or more kilograms of marijuana or 50 or more grams of methamphetamine will result in a minimum 10 years of prison time. Convictions involving 500 or more grams of cocaine, one or more grams of LSD, 100 or more kilograms of marijuana, or five or more grams of methamphetamine result in sentences of five to 40 years.

An extensive burden of proof weighs on the federal prosecution. This can work to a person’s advantage, but it is important that a criminal defense attorney with extensive drug trafficking experience be contacted as soon as possible to preserve any evidence and determine whether agents legally searched and/or seized any property.

Experienced Frisco, Texas Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer

Federal drug trafficking and conspiracy charges are challenging in a courtroom if an attorney is not familiar with governmental tactics that sometimes overlook critical procedures. It is important to never talk to federal agents or prosecutors while a case is pending, and it is equally essential that your attorney is contacted as soon as possible.

At Whalen Law Office, we are devoted to the complete defense and investigation of the cases we handle. We do not rest until we have exhausted all means of mitigating or dismissing the drug charges against our clients. Mr. Whalen takes the time necessary to present a solid defense, and will uncover any evidence – or the lack thereof – that warrants lesser charges or total dismissal before the case even makes it to trial.

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