If you’ve been charged with the offense of embezzlement in the state of Texas and you’re trying to clear your name, the one main thing is first if you’ve been formally charged by indictment is to hire a good experienced criminal attorney to help you through that process, but then be able to show that the money they have accused you of either one, you didn’t take, or if the money was possessed or taken by you, you had a legitimate business purpose to take it.

Generally the cases we see where embezzlement comes up is where you’ve been an employee of a company and you had some type of check writing authority and so if you can show that those funds that you took were legitimate business purposes and were authorized by the company then those would be potential defenses to the offense or charge of embezzlement.

Basically when we talk about embezzlement in the state of Texas, you’re going to be charged with what we call theft and depending on the degree of crime it will depend on how much money they’ve accused you of taking without the permission of the owner of that money.

So if you’re charged with embezzlement, there’s a wide range of penalties but a wide range of defenses to help fight that charge.