Stay Warm North Texas

Happy Friday everybody. Hope you’re having a great week. Just wanted to give a quick video this week. I hope everybody out there is staying safe and staying warm. I wanted to remind you all of a couple of things. First and foremost, obviously, don’t drive anywhere in inclement weather if you don’t have to. But if you do, and the unfortunate happens and you are involved in a vehicle collision, just remember, it is a criminal offense if you leave the scene of that accident without exchanging information with the other driver. That goes for if you hit a parked car as well. If you leave the scene of hitting a parked car or hitting a street sign or a fire hydrant or anything like that, it is your duty to leave your information, especially your insurance information to cover any damages. You can be charged criminally, be that a leaving the scene of an accident, or what’s called duty on striking, which is your duty on striking a parked car or an object. So just keep that in mind.

The other thing that I wanted to give a shout-out to and to raise awareness of is when temperatures drop the way that they have, and that they will continue to drop over the next week, there are several centers around the DFW Metroplex that really could use your help. And those are the shelters that are set up and designed to provide a safe place for those who may not have a warm home to go to. I know one that is local here is called GLOWS, which I believe it stands for the Garland Overnight Warming Shelter. And I will throw a link down here to its website, but there are similar places all around the Metroplex that really, they run almost entirely on volunteer, support and help. So if you have the time, the energy, the ability to help at a place like that, I know they would greatly appreciate it.

And even if you can’t donate your time, I’m sure they can use equipment, supplies, blankets, coats, warm food. All of those things are desperately, desperately needed to help out members of our community who may not be as fortunate as others. So keep an eye out for things like that, that are around you or in your community that you can help out, because I know that they desperately need it and they greatly appreciate it.

As always, if there’s anything that you guys need, questions or discussion topics or things you want to see me cover in a future video, drop me an email. My email address is always at the end of these videos. Let me know what you want to see, what you want to hear me discuss, and I’m happy to try to make that happen. Thanks again, guys. Stay safe. Stay warm this weekend. And I look forward to seeing you guys all next Friday.

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