Whalen Law Office represents clients charged with state level felonies and misdemeanors throughout Texas. No matter what your criminal defense issue, Whalen Law Office is full service in the area of criminal law and criminal defense.

Federal criminal cases are vastly different from other types of criminal cases. When you face charges in federal court, it is an entirely different world from the state courts of Texas. The rules of procedure are inflexible; the charges are usually complex; and the penalties are severe. If you are in federal prison, up against sentencing, or need help with post-conviction relief for a federal crime, the legal team at the Whalen Law Office can help you.

In addition to guiding clients on what to do when contacted by the federal government, Whalen Law Office assertively defends clients accused of federal crimes including:

  • Drunk Driving Defense
  • Drug Trafficking/Conspiracy
  • Federal Criminal Defense
  • Firearms and Weapons Charges
  • Fraud and White Collar Crimes
  • Appeals / Appellate
  • State Crimes
  • Search and Seizure Issues
  • Grand Jury Proceedings
  • Post-Conviction Relief
  • Supervised Release Violations
  • Initial Appearance and Detention

Key Preparation and Resources

You do not have to question whether to go with a small or large firm when working with our lawyers. Whalen Law Office has the resources and connections critical to a successful defense, while offering the comfortable and caring environment of a smaller firm. Whalen Law Office has a reputation of smart and aggressive representation. It has every intention of standing behind you from the onset of the case to the final outcome.

Experienced, Dedicated Frisco Criminal Lawyer

Do not risk your future by attempting to handle this situation on your own, or by hiring an attorney who does not have extensive experience handling federal crime cases and knowledge of the federal sentencing guidelines.

Whalen Law Office is available to you and your family. Mr. Whalen and Mr. Sandel are passionate about their representation and the rights of those they defend. They know what it takes to fight in federal court, and will work hard to seek the best possible outcome of your case.

Contact Whalen Law Office as soon as possible to discuss your case: 214-368-2560.

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