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Practice Areas

Federal Criminal Defense

Being charged criminally can make you feel anxious about your future and overwhelmed. At Whalen Law Office we will explain the process to you in an easy-to-understand manner, laying out your options clearly.

Drug Crimes

Drug Crimes usually fall under drug possession, drug trafficking or sales, and drug manufacture. Whalen Law Office will quickly assess your charges, then determine the best course of action for you and your family.

White Collar Crimes and Fraud

Many white-collar crimes are prosecuted federally rather than at the state level. Attorneys at Whalen Law Office have many years of experience digging deeply into the evidence against individuals.

Experience, Competence, Integrity, and Professionalism

When you choose a criminal defense lawyer from Whalen Law Office, you are choosing experience, competence, integrity, and professionalism. You are choosing a law firm with a stellar reputation and one that has many satisfied clients and good reviews. When you choose our firm, you can focus on other things in your life, knowing we will explore every single avenue to prove your innocence or lessen your charges or sentence. You can trust that we will do what we say we will do, giving you one less thing to worry about.

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... Professional, responsive, and knew the details of my case ...

I am very happy with the repres[en]tation I had from James Whalen and Ryne Sandel. They were professional, responsive, and knew the details of my case. They were able to bring in experts to help with my defense and ultimately got my case dismissed. They were great to work with and I always felt they were truly on my side and wanted the best possible outcome.

How to Select the Best Criminal Defense Attorney for Your Case

Choosing the very best criminal defense attorney when you are facing criminal charges—whether state or federal—is crucial to your freedom and your future. Not all lawyers are created equal, and finding the right attorney can make the difference in putting up the best defense. Finding the right lawyer for you can be daunting, especially when your mind is swirling with the criminal charges you are facing. It is an extremely important decision, however, so consider the following:

Is the attorney responsive? Time is of the essence in a criminal case. You need a criminal defense attorney who will hit the ground running and will not stop throughout your case. Deadlines must be met, motions must be made and answered, and requests for evidence must be made quickly. At Whalen Law Office, we will meet with you quickly, and we will always answer your calls or emails.

Some law firms practice in many different areas of law. At Whalen Law Office, we are criminal defense attorneys. Our entire focus is helping those facing criminal charges, whether state or federal.

Does the attorney have significant experience in local courts, state courts, federal courts, and appellate courts? This is often overlooked, but your attorney’s connections can make a big difference in the outcome of your charges. These connections and relationships mean your attorney knows how each court does things as well as how each judge does things in his or her courtroom. When your attorney has experience with each court, you are more likely to receive a fair trial.

Does the attorney have a solid reputation among their peers as well as with judges, court staff, and prior clients? If the answer is yes, you can rest easy, knowing you will receive the same thorough, skilled representation.

Is the attorney positive about taking your case? Some attorneys simply work harder than others. When you are looking at potentially severe penalties that will affect your life and that of your loved ones, you want an attorney who will conduct an exhaustive investigation, go to trial when it’s best for you to go to trial, and negotiate a plea offer only when it’s in your best interests.

Does the attorney have extensive courtroom experience—in both state and federal cases? In many cases, your criminal defense attorney has seconds to make an objection that could potentially impact the outcome of your charges. Having an attorney with significant courtroom experience gives you a clear advantage. Remember—your attorney speaks on your behalf, and what he or she says can determine the outcome of your trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Here's a good one that comes up, if you are innocent, why shouldn't you talk to police? It's a great question. It's one I get asked all the time, especially when I post either videos or comment on something saying, "You should never talk to police voluntarily without a lawyer." So why is that the…

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How does a DWI (in Texas) Affect Your Driving Privileges?

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Obviously, if you pick up a DWI charge in Texas, it's going to have some effects on your ability to drive or have a driver's license, but a lot of times I get asked what those effects are or could be. So, I wanted to spend some time this week to talk a little bit…

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So some of you might be at least on a surface level, familiar with the terms, grand jury, indictment, no bill, and true bill, but what do those terms really mean? What does that process look like here in Texas? That's what today's video is about. So stick around and we'll talk about that in…

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How Contacting a Federal and Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer from Whalen Law Office Can Help

Facing criminal charges—whether state or federal—requires an experienced federal and Texas criminal defense lawyer from Whalen Law Office. We provide the highest quality representation—exactly what you need at exactly the right time. The Whalen Law Office attorneys will ensure you receive the best defense possible from start to finish. They will look at your case from every single angle, determining whether a plea is in your best interests or whether they will aggressively defend your charges at trial. If mistakes were made by the police or the prosecutor, these will come to light. Don’t wait, your criminal charges will resolve on their own—contact Whalen Law Office today.

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