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Whalen Law Office has these necessary assets and more. With our deep understanding of federal policies of criminal procedure, we are here to defend and guide you through every step of the federal criminal process.

Mr. Whalen’s firm offers the networking and resources that a large firm has, while giving each case the compassion, convenience and consideration of a smaller firm. Do not wait on the “right time” to call an attorney if there is even suspicion a federal case is pending. The right time is RIGHT NOW. Call today at 214-368-2560 for a consultation.

Federal Criminal Defense

Federal criminal charges are different from state criminal charges. Most federal crimes fall into three categories:

  • Drug Offenses – violations of the federal drug trafficking laws
  • Gun Offenses – possession of an illegal weapon, or possession or use of a firearm while committing a federal drug crime or violent crime
  • Fraud & White Collar Crime – Non-violent crimes that involve some kind of theft scheme such as: extortion, bribery, embezzlement, larceny, identity theft, tax evasion, mail fraud, insurance fraud, insider trading

Federal crimes are heard by United States Magistrate Judges and United States District Judges. Federal sentencing is based on federal sentencing guidelines, and these technical aspects of the federal criminal justice system are tremendously complex.
Federal prosecutors are Assistant United States Attorneys. These prosecutors are generally able to choose the cases they want to prosecute, and they are able to devote the full resources of the federal government to their case. You need an attorney ready to devote his full resources to your defense. Having years of experience representing individuals that are accused of federal crime matters, Mr. Whalen is able to effectively assess your situation and determine the best way in which to structure your defense.

Federal Lawyer Handling Cases in Texas and Nationally

Based in Frisco, Texas, the Whalen Law Office takes cases nationally. Federal criminal cases start in one of the federal “districts” found in each state. Attorney James Whalen is admitted to serve in the Eastern, Northern, Southern and Western District of Texas and the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Doctors, lawyers, politicians, corporate executives, pharmacists, Fortune 500 companies and countless other professionals rely on Mr. Whalen to vigilantly protect their rights in the federal courts. If it appears that rights were violated at any point, Mr. Whalen will seek to suppress any evidence the government obtained illegally.
Whalen Law Office handles the following cases.

  • Drug Trafficking/Conspiracy
  • Fraud and White Collar Crimes
  • Firearms and Weapons
  • Search and Seizure Issues
  • Grand Jury Proceedings
  • Post-Conviction Relief
  • Supervised Release Violations
  • Initial Appearance and Detention
  • State Crimes

In addition, Mr. Whalen is a skilled criminal appeals lawyer who has handled hundreds of state and federal criminal appeals and has obtained significant relief for many clients.

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Federal criminal charges are by no means something to take lightly. Federal agents and prosecutors have almost limitless resources to help their case. Without the proper guidance and representation, years of a person’s life can be taken away in one conviction or guilty plea. A diverse number of clients rely on the Whalen Law Office because of Mr. Whalen’s proven record of integrity, skill and results.

No one should experience the dread and strain of a federal case without the full support of respected and proven legal counsel. Our legal team can ensure that despite the unexpected, we will give each client’s case the utmost time and respect it deserves. Every resource that is necessary for the case will be used to best represent each client for the best possible outcome. Protect your rights and your future. Contact the Whalen Law Office today.