The federal government has overwhelming power when bringing criminal charges. Prosecutors have immense resources to investigate and charge crimes.

Yet the system has weaknesses. The same laws granting federal authority also impose limits if you know where to look. Successfully fighting federal prosecution requires specialized knowledge and determined advocacy.

At Whalen Law Office, our attorneys offer precisely that experience. Our team boasts over 39 years of combined legal experience, and we understand how the system pursues convictions at all costs.

We leverage our knowledge of the government’s legal boundaries to lock in victories against inflated federal allegations. Fighting back with a Texas federal criminal defense lawyer on your side makes all the difference.

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Skilled Federal Defense Attorneys Ready to Protect Your Rights

With offices in Frisco, TX, Whalen Law Office represents individuals and companies accused of federal offenses throughout Texas. Our capabilities include defending complex charges.

We routinely appear in US District Court as well as before federal investigative agencies such as the IRS, SEC, DEA, FBI, and ATF. Our attorneys have also helped numerous clients navigate federal grand jury proceedings. Every federal criminal matter demands skilled advocacy -– let our knowledgeable legal team protect your rights.

The federal criminal code (Title 18 of the United States Code) contains thousands of statutes carrying harsh penalties.

Common federal allegations we often defend include:

  • Drug Crimes – Such as trafficking controlled substances (21 USC § 841), illegally dispensing prescription medications (21 USC § 842), and operating unlawful distribution channels (21 USC § 843).
  • Fraud – Including wire fraud (18 USC § 1343), mail fraud (18 USC § 1341), bank fraud (18 USC § 1344), healthcare fraud (18 USC § 1347), securities fraud, mortgage fraud, credit card fraud, and other schemes to unlawfully obtain money or property.
  • White Collar Crimes – Such as bribery of public officials (18 USC § 201), embezzlement (18 USC § 656), money laundering (18 USC § 1956), racketeering (18 USC § 1952), tax crimes, and antitrust violations.
  • Cyber Crimes – Like computer hacking (18 USC § 1030), identity theft (18 USC § 1028), wiretapping (18 USC § 2511), online threats (18 USC § 875), and various forms of internet fraud.
  • Sex Crimes – Including interstate prostitution (18 USC § 2421), production or distribution of pornography (18 USC § 2251), and traveling to engage in illicit conduct with minors (18 USC § 2423).
  • Violent Crimes – Such as murder, assault, kidnapping, bank robbery, and carjacking.
  • Firearms Offenses – Including illegal possession, trafficking, or use of firearms, destructive devices, and weapons of mass destruction.

Successfully navigating this complex web requires experienced federal defense lawyers. Contact Whalen Law Office for dedicated advocacy.

Navigating the Federal Criminal Justice System

The federal criminal process often begins with an investigation led by agencies like the FBI, IRS, or DEA. Evidence is then presented to a federal grand jury, which may return an indictment formally charging you with a federal crime. Prosecutors with the US Attorney’s Office will pursue conviction through plea bargaining or trial.

Federal convictions can result in long prison sentences, asset forfeiture, and devastating financial penalties. With so much on the line, a defense strategy and guidance of an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer is critical from day one.

We can immediately begin assessing the prosecution’s case, exploiting flaws or constitutional violations, negotiating with the US Attorney for reduced or dismissed charges, and preparing powerful defenses should your case go to trial.

The Harsh Realities of Facing Federal Criminal Prosecution

Those facing federal criminal charges need to be fully aware of the severe implications federal prosecution poses. The federal criminal justice system is far more rigid and unforgiving compared to state courts. Mandatory sentencing minimums are prevalent, and opportunities for parole or early release are scarce.

The Punitive Federal Sentencing Guidelines

Federal sentencing guidelines impose stringent and often excessive recommendations for prison terms upon conviction. Judicial discretion is limited by mandatory minimums attached to many statutes.

For example, a defendant convicted of trafficking a significant quantity of drugs would face a mandatory 10-year federal prison sentence under 21 USC 841, regardless of any mitigating case circumstances.

Dual Federal and State Prosecution

Another threatening aspect of federal prosecution is simultaneous state charges based on the same alleged criminal conduct through “dual sovereignty.” This doubles a defendant’s sentencing exposure and leverage of the government.

With so much at risk, experienced federal criminal defense counsel is absolutely vital to negotiating the best possible outcome.

Building a Tailored Federal Defense Strategy

If you face federal criminal charges, our defense lawyers will craft a strategy tailored to the unique circumstances of your case. Effective federal defense requires exploiting every advantage within complex federal law.

Strategies we commonly employ include:

  • Pinpointing procedural flaws or constitutional violations leads to evidence suppression or case dismissal. This requires a meticulous review of the investigation and grand jury proceedings.
  • Negotiating with federal prosecutors for reduced charges or sentencing leniency. Ongoing communication with the US Attorney is key. We’ve successfully achieved charge dismissals, misdemeanors, and probation through effective negotiation.
  • Preventing asset forfeiture and protecting property. We fight illegal seizures and work to exempt assets from forfeiture.
  • Minimizing sentencing exposure through guideline disputes. We argue favorable interpretations to lower offense levels under federal sentencing guidelines.
  • Developing alternative suspects and theories. We dig deep into the facts to present jurors and prosecutors with plausible explanations other than guilt.
  • Gathering evidence and witnesses supporting innocence. We independently investigate to locate testimony and proof the government lacks.

The federal system presents unique hurdles, but innovative, relentless defense can overcome them. Trust our team to navigate this complex arena.

Facing Federal Charges in Texas? Make it Right With Whalen Law Office.

Facing federal criminal allegations can be the most frightening and high-stakes scenario one ever confronts. But you do not have to navigate the complex federal legal system alone. At Whalen Law Office, we have successfully resolved thousands of serious criminal matters in Texas and employ a team of knowledgeable former prosecutors and district attorneys.

Whether you have been contacted regarding an investigation, received a target letter, or been formally indicted, we offer the relentless and zealous advocacy you need at this crucial time. With decades of combined experience, hundreds of outstanding client reviews, and offices throughout the state to serve you, Whalen Law Office has the skills and resources to protect your rights. Do not leave your future to chance.

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