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Whalen Law Office represents clients charged with federal white-collar crimes. Complex schemes involving fraud and theft, white collar crimes are generally classified in Texas and by the federal government as felony offenses. They carry severe punishments for those convicted, including large fines, imprisonment, probation and other penalties. The nature of the circumstances and the severity of the crime can dramatically increase these penalties.

Federal investigators can be quick to arrest and investigate unassuming, respectable community members in a wave of fraud and white collar crime implications. If you are arrested or have any suspicion that you are being investigated for a federal financial crime or conspiracy, contact white collar crime attorney James P. Whalen at Whalen Law Office immediately so that we can begin investigating your case. We are available for a consultation at your earliest convenience.

Frisco, TX White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyer

Frisco criminal attorney James P. Whalen has years of experience digging deep into the evidence that federal prosecutors stack against oftentimes unsuspecting individuals, business executives and government officials. Often the evidence involves a complex paper trail, and involves detailed understanding of business and finance. Mr. Whalen focuses just as intently on alleged individual offenses as he does on cases involving more than one defendant in a business or government entity.

Do not allow yourself to become intimidated or too overwhelmed to seek a qualified attorney to defend you in a federal proceeding, even if you are concerned with whether you did make mistakes. Stiff fines, prison time and probation periods can be consequences of a conviction. We can help you and time is of the essence.

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Common White Collar Crimes

Crimes are usually labeled “white collar crimes” if they involve what federal investigators believe are deliberate tactics to deceive another party for the sake of unfair or unlawful gain.

Many of our clients who are arrested for white-collar crimes are upstanding professionals who have no criminal history and are dealing with the criminal justice system for the first time. Often, these individuals are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Mr. Whalen’s Frisco criminal law practice brings years of criminal defense experience to each white collar crime offense his clients are up against, including the following:

  • Business fraud
  • Securities fraud
  • Internet and mail fraud
  • Tax fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Bankruptcy fraud
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Health care fraud
  • Government contract fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Counterfeiting
  • Money laundering
  • Piracy
  • Perjury
  • Forgery
  • Conspiracy to commit any white collar crime

You may even see an increase in federal arrests in some white collar crimes as the media reports highs and lows in certain markets. For example, when the housing market peaked before and after the last economic decline, there appeared to be more arrests of homeowners, realtors and brokers for crimes such as fraudulently obtaining mortgages or debt relief. After natural disasters, you may hear more about alleged victims being arrested for insurance fraud. Call Whalen Law Office now if you feel you are a victim of circumstance in such a case.

Zealously Defending Federal Criminal Charges

Mr. Whalen understands federal criminal charges. He aggressively ensures that his clients’ rights are protected at the onset of criminal proceedings, and he works successfully to have a judge dismiss any evidence federal prosecutors illegally obtain by not respecting someone’s rights.

Our legal team is prepared with a network of experts and resources for the best possible outcome in your case. Our goal is to fight for you with every effort to maintain innocence, dignity and professionalism so that you can overcome this hurdle in your life.

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