Juvenile law is a highly complex area of the law.

Juvenile law is a highly complex area of the law. In fact, it is a multifaceted hybrid of criminal, family and civil law. If you or your child are under 18 years old in the state of Texas and facing “criminal” charges, hiring a lawyer who is familiar with the intricate laws regarding juvenile practice in Texas is crucial.

There are many differences in juvenile and adult criminal cases, and you deserve attorneys that have studied those differences, know them well, and have effectively represented juveniles for offenses ranging from truancy to sexual assault and homicide, and transfers from juvenile to adult court (certifications).

Whalen Law Office dutifully represents our juvenile clients and we take the task of aiding them throughout the entire process very seriously. From counseling clients through the anticipation of a potential “charge,” to representing them at detention hearings, to resolving the case through adjudication, disposition, and sealing the record, we provide a discrete and professional service to get your child, you, and your family through whatever situation it may be – judgment free.


Whalen Law Office will help your family navigate the particulars of the Texas Juvenile Justice system through our relationships with juvenile judges, prosecutors, and probation officers, as well as our knowledge of the law and the focus of emphasizing treatment, rather than punishment, in juvenile cases. We also recognize the need to make sure the child understands exactly what is happening at every step throughout their time in the juvenile justice system, and that they comprehend the consequences for their actions. In that same breath, we take a wholistic approach and make sure the child is stable mentally, physically, and emotionally through their trying time and will ultimately benefit and learn from this experience.

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