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Federal crimes relating to firearms and deadly weapons are serious offenses that can result in imprisonment and the lifelong loss of the Second Amendment right to bear arms. In many cases, the difference between freedom and conviction in a charge involving the possession, use, distribution or sale of firearms or other deadly weapons is the guidance of a knowledgeable federal defense attorney.

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Federal Offenses

Mr. Whalen knows – as do many federal prosecutors – that a simple misunderstanding can place someone in a world of legal trouble in regards to illegal firearm possession or distribution. This knowledge alone is not enough to clear charges in a case. It takes an attorney with dedicated leadership and proven familiarity with federal law to confront the facts for the following crimes:

  • Unlawful Import and Export: Federal law prohibits the import or export, production or transaction of firearms or deadly weapons across state lines without the proper license. Any destructive weapons, such as bombs, grenades, missiles, rockets, mines, machine guns and certain rifles and shotguns, are illegal to transport.
  • Unlawful Weapon Possession: A convicted felon loses his or her Second Amendment right to bear arms, which makes it illegal to carry any firearm or weapon at any time. Also prevented from carrying a weapon are individuals under a felony indictment, addicted to certain illegal drugs, dishonorably discharged from military service, have certain mental impairments, illegal citizens, or otherwise restricted by court order.
  • Firearms Trafficking: A federal prosecutor can couple trafficking charges with other weapons violations, resulting in years of prison time if convicted.
  • Firearm-related Violent Crimes: As with trafficking, penalties increase significantly for an individual federally charged with a gun charge when a violent crime – such as assault or armed robbery – is involved.
  • Fraud/Straw Purchases: Federal law makes it illegal for a person to use any false written or oral statement or identification to obtain a firearm. Additional consequences follow if an investigation suggests a person knowingly delivers, transports or accepts a firearm with an altered serial number.

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The Whalen Law Office spends countless hours uncovering discrepancies in our clients’ federal weapons case. Whether it has been years since a felony conviction whereby a person believes it is alright to carry a weapon, or if he or she was in a dangerous situation that requires protection, Mr. Whalen pulls all the necessary files and evidence to support our client’s claim.

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